Root Canal Therapy

While root canal therapy is typically thought of as a dreaded and painful procedure, nothing could be further from reality when you choose the expert dentists at Fox Park Dental in West Jordan, UT. Our root canal therapy can help alleviate the pain caused by a tooth infection, save your tooth, and prevent you from experiencing potentially life-threatening complications.

Why are Tooth Infections so Dangerous?

It’s hard to believe that one infection in a tiny tooth could cause life-threatening complications, but it happens. When bacteria in your mouth—whether from food, plaque, or saliva—gets into a tooth or below your gums, it can result in an infection or abscess. If left untreated, that infection can move to other parts of your body, causing serious infections in your bones, sinuses, skin, mouth, face, neck or bloodstream. In rare cases, it can provoke life-threatening heart or lung complications. The good news is that tooth infections can be treated easily and relatively painlessly, if they’re caught early enough and you choose the right dentist.

How do You Treat Root Canals at Fox Park Dental?

When it comes to walking our patients through root canal therapy, our focus is always on their comfort and convenience. Although we are typically able to complete the therapy in one treatment, depending on the severity of the infection and the shape of your root canal, it could take up to three visits to complete. Root canal therapy consists of three main steps, which are all performed with a local anesthetic:

  • First, our expert dentist will clean out your root canal, clearing away all signs of bacteria and infection.
  • Second, the tooth will be filled to restore structure and the canal sealed completely to prevent reinfection.
  • Third, the dentist will add a crown to help protect the tooth moving forward and allow you to use your tooth and mouth like normal again.

If you think you have a tooth infection, call our staff immediately, and we will schedule an appointment for you at the earliest possible moment. We will work together to help prevent the spread of infection and stop your pain and save your infected tooth. We do it every day in our welcoming West Jordan, UT office, and we are ready to do it for you too.

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