Emergency Dentistry

When our neighbors in West Jordan, UT experience a dental emergency, they know they can count on our caring team of dentists and their decades of experience. If you or someone in your family is having a dental emergency, call us immediately, and we will make sure you see one of our dentists as quickly as possible. Also, our knowledgeable staff will walk you through the steps you will need to take to protect your teeth and gums until you can make it into our office.

How Do I Know if I’m Experiencing a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is occurring when you cannot wait to be seen during regular business hours. In some cases, it will be obvious that you need immediate attention from our dental team. For instance, you may have experienced a sports or auto accident and can clearly see you have broken, chipped, or missing teeth. But other dental emergencies are less obvious. In general, if you suddenly experience significant pain in your teeth or gums, you should reach out to our office right away. Additionally, if that pain is accompanied by any sign of infection, such as a fever, pus, or swelling, you’ll want to ensure you are seen by one of our dentists. Other symptoms of a dental emergency may include:

  • Swollen jaw
  • Lesions in your mouth that are not healing
  • Loose teeth
  • Gums that are bleeding excessively
  • The taste of metal in your mouth (if you have fillings)

Why Should I Seek Emergency Dental Care?

Tooth infections can cause life-threatening complications, and by the time you’re experiencing some of the symptoms listed above, a mouth infection has begun to advance. The earlier you catch and treat a tooth infection, the better. Additionally, if you have a broken tooth or some of your teeth have been knocked out, the sooner you receive effective treatment, the better your chances are that your teeth can be repaired or even saved.

If you think you might be experiencing a dental emergency call our West Jordan, UT office right away. Depending on the situation, we may be able to see you the same day or even immediately.

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